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Chad Puryear

State Representative - District 25

 Republican Candidate  |  November 8th, 2022


The Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives - District 25, Chad Puryear, is a 6th generation Arkansas farmer with conservative values and a desire to be a voice for this district. My life has deep roots in rural Arkansas and I am passionate about the way of life our small communities offer. I believe that we can support rural development in Arkansas while preserving the quality of life these communities provide.

I am a supporter of our local police, emergency response teams, and rural fire departments, who serve these communities with pride and dedication. As a teacher and parent, I am also a strong supporter of our rural school districts as they are the heart of rural Arkansas communities.

I believe in conservative principles, traditional values, and our constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you want to be represented by someone who will be a permanent fixture in your district who has real-world experience with rural Arkansas issues, then consider me for your choice in the District 25 General Election.




My family has lived and worked on the same land as small farmers here in Arkansas since 1887.  I grew up on a poultry farm, but we have since transitioned to cattle and hay production.  Agriculture has taught me many lessons about hard work and dedication that translate into all aspects of life.  I truly understand the rewards of farming in rural Arkansas and the issues that challenge this way of life.  I am also an active member with Arkansas Farm Bureau.    


I have over twelve years of experience in our public schools as a classroom teacher.  I received my B.S. in Agriculture at the University of Arkansas and my M.S. in Education from Arkansas State University.  I have seen the concerns associated with our school system from the perspective of both an educator and as a parent.  I do understand the need to support parents and students alongside our teachers.  Rural schools need our continued support to give our students the competitive edge needed for a changing workforce.  

Pro 2nd Amendment  *AQ Rating with NRA (Highest Rating for a Non-Incumbent)

I will fully support your rights regarding the 2nd Amendment.  I have coached trap shooting teams through the AGFC Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program and had teams compete at the national level in Sparta, Illinois.  I have been a Hunter Education Instructor and I am a member of the NRA. 

Rural Arkansas 

Arkansas is seeing large-scale growth that has demand outrunning development in some of our rural areas.  I believe we should support this economic growth while protecting the rights of the landowners and farmers who may be affected by local development.  I understand that we as farmers must adapt to change, but this should not come at the expense of anyone’s right to pursue their passions or livelihoods.

Medical Freedoms and Mandates

I support medical liberties and freedoms.  I believe people should have the right to make their own informed decisions.  I would not like to see any careers and livelihoods in jeopardy based on personal, religious, or medical concerns with vaccinations. 


I support any responsible tax cuts or exemptions that put more money in the pockets of our working people and promote rural development and economic growth.

Religious Freedom

I am a Christian. I will vote to keep government infringement out of your business. We have the right to stand up for our religious morals and values.  

Pro Life

I believe we have a responsibility to protect the unborn and the elderly.  As a special education teacher, I am compassionate with our students and citizens with special needs.

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